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According to my belief, privacy isn’t negotiable.

By publishing this Privacy Policy I want to inform you about the way provided information will be collected and handled at

Like almost 80% of all websites worldwide, this site is carried out using the software of When subscribing, the Privacy statement of WordPress will be visible underneath the subscription form; you can also find it here.

Further information regarding your privacy

This site is protected by an SSL certificate to ensure encripted exchange of information.

When posting a comment or subscribing to any content at this site, you give voluntary permission to store your name and mailaddress exactly as provided by you. In this case all information provided will be used for sending you updates of blogposts or any other specific subscriptions you registered for. Your name will appear at the comments only in the way you provide it to the site. Important: if you feel the need of your comment or subscription to remain anonymous, please feel free to use a nickname and an untitled mail-address.

You are the manager of your data

I will never store or hand over to others any of the provided information for any other purposes than you subscribed to. In this case I also refer to the privacy statement of WordPress. At any time, you are able to manage your subscriptions and information provided via this link in WordPress. In case you end your subscription, all information provided to will be removed accordingly. Please note all comments posted prior to your unsubscription will remain at least until the post will be deleted. As I am not able to check the age of my readers, I expect, in case you are a minor, you are only subscribing to any comment or content on this site after permission of your parent or guardian.

Posting comments

Posting comments in a world like ours, always needs to be done with most care, after thinking twice. When posting a comment, your comment becomes public directly after approval of me, the site owner. Please note that, after approval, reactions underneath each post will remain visible. In case of any harmful remarks that might injure other people, or if they are intended to be disrespectful or malicious in any way, the site owner might decide to refuse or delete your comment without any warning. If you feel the need of your comment to remain private, please send an email to to express your feelings.

Statistics and cookies

This site is using WP Statistics to analyse the visits to the site. This includes the use of IP addresses, the amount of visitors to the entire site and all posts, the used links to this website from sites such as social media platforms or other blogs, followed links in my articles and the countries in which my readers are staying. I would like to emphasise that no personal data can be seen by the site owner.
Like all websites, this website is using cookies to ensure your visit will be running as smooth as possible.

Any further information

In case you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me via